Chutney’s in Tempe

If you had a nephew as cute as mine, you would want to hang out with him at the Zoo too. However after we chase him around the zoo we are tired and hungry. After today’s adventure my sister suggested we go a little out of the way to Chutney’s in Tempe for all you can eat Indian cuisine. This is one type of food I have not found in Surprise yet, at least not a favorite yet, so I was in for sure. We were the first people in the door  and got smacked right in the face with the most amazing smells, they were just setting up the hot fresh food and my sister and I were so excited to be the first to dig in. The waitress was super nice and my sister ordered a Chettinad Dosa with our buffet. Honestly I am not even totally sure what all I piled on my plate, but I made sure to get Curry Chicken., Chili Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, fried rice and my favorite Tandoori Chicken. I thought about ordering some Garlic Naan, but by the time I finished my plate I was stuffed. All the chicken was so juicy and tender, and each dish had it’s own unique delicious blend of spices. I was impressed, I have been to Indian Buffet before and there was not as wide of selection as there was at Chutney’s. When my sister and I walked up to the door we stopped in our tracks and said “What day is it?!?” because they do not have the same lunch hours on Monday, but thank goodness it is Thursday and we arrived at the perfect time. And even though it is about 45 miles from my house, I am going to say it was worth the drive.
I need to learn how to make Tandoori Chicken!

1801 E Baseline, AZ 85283

                                                                           Cutie Pie!!!