CCtoMB News!

Hey guys! It has been a while since I have posted a life update! So I thought I would share some CCtoMB News.
For starters I have teamed up with KUKQ Online Radio to do posts about music and local events in Arizona! I am SO excited about this, I have loved KUKQ for a really long time. It may not be prudent to say exactly how LONG of a time, but let’s just say a really, really long time. This gives me a brand new creative outlet to work on another one of my great passions. KUKQ is a Punk/Alternative/Indie online radio station, so if you are into that sort of thing, check them out. My posts go to their blog which is called “The Feed“. I must admit I kind of nerded out on the name, because I also write about food, and it’s called the feed……get it, get it. Haha

I am also working on a pretty big project that started via Twitter. I can’t really go into a lot of details as it is a work in progress and changes are being made daily. But keep your eyes peeled for something brand new from this blogger! I am so excited because this is going to be awesome! I will certainly keep you all posted.

And a big thanks to all of you who follow and chat with me via the various social media platforms. It is all of you that keep me going and motivated to do more, change, improve and strive to be better. I appreciate you all.

What the heck is going on with CCtoMB?? Well I hope to get more recipes, local posts and family oriented fun up ASAP. As I posted a while back I ran up against a medical issue, but I am plugging along, making my Doctor’s appointments and making little bits of progress daily. I am SO ready to get out and about and in the Kitchen cooking up some goodies! So stay tuned!

So what’s new with you? I would love to hear!

Me & my boys on the way to Laser Tag! I love these guys!