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Chutney’s in Tempe

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If you had a nephew as cute as mine, you would want to hang out with him at the Zoo too. However after we chase him around the zoo we are tired and hungry. After today’s adventure my sister suggested we go…


Kabobs, Peppers, Onions, Meat, Grilling

Made Kabobs this weekend. I think I like to make them because they are so pretty, well that and delicious! The little red and white potatoes went well with them, also made rice and beans. But of course the best…

Glorious Grilled Cheese Sandwiches ~quick

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With three kids running underfoot it can be challenging at times to get even the simplest item to the table, for example grilled cheese sandwiches. I need to, make at a minimum 5, except that some people want two, so…

Saigon Kitchen

The best thing about my lunch at Saigon Kitchen in Surprise, is that I got to eat and watch them tear down the TGI Friday’s next door! Oh ya, and the Spring Rolls were good too. Saigon Kitchen 14071 W. Bell Road, Surprise, AZ.