Buying Glasses Online

My glasses are a part of my total personality. When my friends see me without my eye wear they all know something important is missing. I enjoy having several pairs in order to change them up with my mood. I was so excited that I could find cheap glasses. But also it was cool that I could get those cheap glasses online. It makes it easy to grab multiple pairs. By cheap I totally mean inexpensive. Because these glasses look and feel just like my high end pairs. The frames are sturdy and the lenses were made of a lighter weight material and have anti reflective coating. Where did I find these deals? Glasses Shop is an online store with styles for everyone and every occasion. The prices really can’t be beat. They have also shared with me this special coupon code GSHOT50 which will get YOU 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded). If you wear glasses you should totally check them out. You can even get prescription sunglasses. I am sold! Glasses Shop sent me a beautiful pair.
Cheap Glasses, AD

My friend grabbed a candid photo of me wearing them on Margarita night! I use the pair I got from Glasses Shop as my “going out” pair. The anti reflective is great for photographs. When a picture is taken you can actually see my eyes. Plus anti reflective is great for night driving.
Cheap Glasses, AD

Do you wear glasses? I would love to hear about your buying experiences. Do you buy glasses online or in store?

Disclosure: I received product in order to do a proper review. As always all opinions are my own.