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I was so busy with other posts I realized I forgot to post about an absolutely fantastic burger I made for my husband for Father’s day. I had planed on making steaks but he insisted I try and make a burger he fell in love with at one of the local food trucks, Luncha Libre we follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they are going to be on any given day. My husband is obsessed with burgers, he could probably eat them every day. So I knew I had to try and make this special and as delicious as he would expect. They were nice enough at Luncha Libre to share the ingredients with me. So off I went with my list to get some fresh ground beef, roasted green chilies, cream cheese, fresh baked buns and bacon. I also like a little spice on everything I eat, so I got some jalapenos, garlic cloves and onions. I made some veggies and fries, but this really was all about the burgers. I seasoned them with pepper, garlic and sea salt. Grilled up the burgers and the green chilies, and then slow cooked the onion, garlic cloves and jalapeno in a frying pan with butter until completely browned and soft.
Luckily they turned out absolutely amazing! The husband raved and raved, and they took some pretty good pictures too!!

Then I really started to miss one of my vacation treats that I usually get in the Summer up in Washington, the Huckleberry Milkshake. Since I do not have quick, easy or inexpensive access to Huckleberries, I decided a blueberry shake would have to do. Simple enough, milk vanilla ice cream and frozen blueberries. Top with some whip cream and I can tell you I had some happy kids around here! While I was at the Safeway I was excited to see local watermelons and picked up a few, my kids may just now be getting tired of watermelon, but probably not. I love my local Safeway, I know everybody and they always carry something from the surrounding farms.

BB Shake

BB Shakes



I just wanted to get everyone caught up on my recent food adventures. I have a few new restaurant posts on deck, can’t wait to finish those up too. It’s crazy how summer vacation can get so busy!


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