Bread & my most embarrassing Pregnancy moment

I am having so much fun baking breads. I have tried Cinnamon Raisin and Dill with onion and garlic, both super delicious. I am looking for a little different crust, so I will keep playing around with it until I get it just right and then will post the recipes. I do have a bread maker, I like to make the dough with the bread maker and then cook in the oven. Dill bread is going to be a great snack with all my sisters coming into town soon. (I have three)
My cousin is pregnant and we were talking about hormones and some of the funny things you get obsessed with (and loose it over) when pregnant. When pregnant with my youngest son I had the most embarrassing melt down, it was so bad, that it is funny now, but at the time I didn’t want to tell anyone about it as I was way too embarrassed  The story I told my cousin was about how I was obsessed with the bath tub getting bleached. Why? I have no idea, I hate the smell of bleach, and would make my husband clean the tub over and over and as weird as that is, it does not really come close to my Super Pregnant Meltdown!

With my first child I barely gained any weight, stayed healthy and pretty fit. Next child I gained a little more weight, did not eat quite as healthy and had to work twice as hard after to loose weight. Right when I got to my ideal weight I got pregnant with my third, they are only 2 years apart. This time I knew I would never get pregnant again and ate like every meal was my last. Ice Cream became a staple with every meal, well except breakfast, I could not quite figure out how to fit it into breakfast, so I would drink chocolate milk instead. Needless to say I paid the price, I put on weight really fast. My allergies also seemed much worse, I had pregnancy induced asthma and issues breathing at night. He was also a very large baby and for about the last month (having back pregnancy) he was pushing my hip out and my leg would frequently go numb. (I am telling you all this for sympathy so you do not judge me super harsh on the fit you are about to hear about) Getting closer to the date and we have some weeds with yellow flowers on them growing by our mailbox. I am allergic to plants and trees in the desert with yellow flowers, pretty bad. Each time I walk out to my car I have a massive allergy attack and spend the first 20 minutes of my commute to work unable to breathe. This goes on for a few weeks, and each day I ask my husband to pull up the weeds. His response “Those are not weeds, those are flowers” and my initial response was kindly “Flowers or weeds, I need you to pull them up, I cannot breathe” which turned more and more colorful (nice way to say angry) as days went on. Several days in and I cannot sleep, my allergies are terrible, the baby is huge, I am huge, there is no possible way to get comfortable, I am always hot, so basically not in the best of moods when sleep deprivation kicks in to full effect. One morning was particularly difficult, getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, no sleep have a long day ahead at work and I walk out to my car and see the weeds/flowers and everything turns flaming red, I go into a massive fit of pregnant rage! I storm over to the weeds/flowers and start pulling them up, but for some reason pulling them up is not enough, I start throwing them on the hood of my husbands truck. I am sure it looked hilarious, as it was not easy to bend down and get them by the roots. Waddling side to side grabbing flowers and more than likely yelling colorful terms about weeds/flowers and my husband. After they were all thrown, I huffed into the house, washed my hands grabbed my stuff and headed to work. It was not until about five minutes later that all the adrenalin wore off and I realized how ridiculous that scene must have been, and quickly called my husband to confess, and wisely, he treaded lightly on the subject. And then I called my friend Meghan who laughed at me incessantly and teased me forever. I would get mad and she would say “Is this going to be another throwing the daisies incident?” For someone who is used to keeping their composure in stressful situations, I guess I was due one little, tiny melt down. And then soon I had a little 9lb 7oz bundle of joy and sweet chubbiness to make it all better.

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  1. December 7, 2012 at 1:10 am

    Thanks Amy. 🙂

  2. December 6, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard reading this! and I am so looking forward to your bread recipes!

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