Blogger Conference ~ YEA!!!

Well for the first time since I left my job, I am attending a conference. Completely of my own free will and looking forward to it in fact. It is a conference for food bloggers and I am very interested to attend and meet some people who put out such great blogs. I am a little nervous which seems odd since I have attended hundreds of conferences and presented at many of them. At those conferences I knew what to expect, how to prepare and was very knowledgeable on the topics that would be presented. In this case I am going in as a giant sponge. I just want to learn all I can, hear other peoples stories, challenges and what motivates them. With that said, I still feel totally unprepared. No matter what, I will have fun and I will learn something, so I really have only good things to gain by going. I had some cards made, so I am ready to hand those out and get some in return. I am equally excited to post about how it went, in full detail. So stay tuned.

Oh, and here is what I was trying out this week. Still working on it….