Black Bean Brownies?

I kept hearing about desserts made with beans, cookies, brownies etc. While checking out Pinterest I saw some brownies made with black beans, no egg, no oil. So I thought what the heck, I need to try this out. So I bought a brownie mix from the store, and I always have black beans in the house, and got started. First I pureed the black beans until they were full on liquid then I poured it into the brownie mix, I also added a hand full of dark chocolate chips to the mix and then poured it into an 8×8 pan coated with Pam. IĀ sprinkledĀ a few more dark chocolate chips on top and baked it as directed. My conclusion is that I need to do some research and experiment more, the taste was actually good, the sweet was cut down significantly, which I like, but my 14 year old said it was not sweet enough. However the texture was chewy, too chewy. And the only person who claimed they could taste the beans was my husband. Regardless it was an interesting experiment to try out.