Best Boozy Caramel Apple Bites

Having a party this Fall Season? Nothing screams FALL to me more than Caramel Apples. Actually I can’t think if anytime I would turn down a caramel apple? If you want a party with a little kick than you have to try these BEST BOOZY CARAMEL APPLE BITES. I just made these for a girls night cocktail party and they killed it. This recipe is also super easy. The only real prep ahead is the apples. The longer they soak the better they get. I would recommend at least overnight. Then they will pack a decent little punch of booze. Be careful though as these spiked demons will sneak up on you.
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Vodka – I liked the SMIRNOFF® KISSED CARAMEL®. There are others but this is a good value. The day ahead dice up apples in to bite sized pieces. I suggest a nice bright green Granny Smith. The slightly sour taste goes well with the super sweet caramel. We had a fairly small cocktail party and I only needed two apples. Also consider most people will probably only have two to three. I say MOST people because we all have that one friend. I also might be that friend? Maybe I had six, but who was counting?
As you can see from the photo I packed the apples tight into a mason jar. I then filled it up with the caramel vodka and left it in the freezer overnight. I like to keep my vodka wicked cold at all times.
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I used caramel apple dip. You can find this right by the apples in most major grocery stores. Of course you could also melt caramels if that is more up your alley. I heated the dip up for about 20 seconds and then stirred. I prepped a plate with chopped peanuts for dipping right after the caramel. This really helped give structure and additional texture to such a small bite. You can use any kind of nuts or even small candies or sprinkles.
With a toothpick or cocktail spear stab into your apple chunk then dip in to the caramel, dip in the nuts and then place on a piece of parchment paper. I just put the parchment paper right on the serving tray. These are sticky and no one in my group of friends is a stickler for presentation. Then I placed the tray in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Allowing the caramel to cool and set up. This way it wont be runny.
Caramel, Green Apples, Vodka

I hope you will give this a try. Again you will need: Green Apples, Caramel Vodka, Caramel Dip, Nuts and toothpicks. You might also need a mason jar and parchment paper.

Do you have a favorite boozy treat?

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Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. This is intended for readers over 21 years of age. Please drink responsibly.