Arizona Diamondbacks with Kids

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Where can I take the kids? A common question we ask as parents all the time. The Arizona Diamondbacks has the answer, and it’s not just baseball. This is a sport that the whole family can enjoy. Even the family dog can now get in on the Diamondbacks action! Let me give you some family friendly tips and tell you what’s new.

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For starters before you even head to the ballpark, download the Official MLB Ballpark app. Seriously, it’s free and so helpful. Download your game tickets, view the latest schedule and promotions, and take advantage of check-in offers and seat upgrades.

Now what? I suggest you get to the ballpark early. With the kiddos it’s easier to park, get to the entrance and once inside there is plenty for the kids to do.

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Get the kids registered at the D-BACKS KIDS CLUB, it’s one of the coolest ways the kids can enjoy the Diamondbacks experience. Presented by Danzeisen Dairy it was easy to get set up. The Kids Club is a free program for kids 15 & younger that rewards kids with cool prizes each game they attend. After initial sign up at the Headquarters in the Sandlot near Sec. 332, kids will receive a personalized membership card. The card can be shown at the Chase Field Box Office each Sunday for a complimentary ticket.

So now you might be asking, what is the Sandlot? Presented by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, The Sandlot is a fan-friendly destination in the upper concourse at Chase Field. It includes activities for kids of all ages including a toddler play area, a kids playground with slides, a waffle ball field and a batting cage. It’s also where Baxter’s Den is located, and Baxter will sign autographs during the 4th inning. You know, Baxter, the team mascot! He’s a Bobcat and kids love Bobcats!

All these tips has gotten me hungry! So what about the food. Here are three ways to fed your hungry hungry kiddos!

Available for any game, the Value Pack includes a game ticket, hotdog or
Subway sandwich and a regular Pepsi for just $25.
Regular game tickets can be purchased for as low as $12. Daily game pricing is
online at
Look for the logo around the ballpark! Value items are affordable concessions
and merchandise. Items include a hotdog, corndog, popcorn, Pepsi or milk for
just $2. Value merchandise can be found in the Team Shop for $10 or less.
Personal bags and soft coolers that are smaller than 11X11X15” are allowed
into the ballpark (subject to screening). Food is also permitted as long as it’s in
a clear plastic bag. Closed water bottles are also permitted.
After all that, if you are still looking for some fun. Guess what, there’s more. Stick around for FIREWORKS!
After select games, the D-backs offer a postgame fireworks. Relax in your seat as
the roof opens for a fireworks show! This season’s fireworks will be 4/7, 5/12,
6/24, 7/1 (extended show), 7/21, & 8/25.

And now, what you all want to hear, DEALS! Here is a special deal, just for you!!   

Save up to 40% off the May 14 Mother’s Day game vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates. The giveaway this day is a Mother’s Day Clutch Purse for the first 10K Moms.
Go to this link to purchase: Use promo code PHXKIDS
**Giveaway Days are most Saturdays to the first 10 or 20K fans. Click on link for details.
There you have it. I am pretty sure that the D-Backs are the most family friendly franchise in town. Have you been to a game yet? If you have or plan on going I’d love to hear about your experience. We will be going several times.
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Disclaimer: The Arizona Diamondbacks hosted my family for a game in order to write this review. As always all opinions are my own. Connection through the US Family Guide