A Frozen Easter

No, not that “Frozen” but the kind you have when you live in hot weather climate. Leaving eggs around the yard in Arizona can be a catastrophe. Melted chocolate & warm eggs are not appealing. Last year it was warm enough to swim. So what we decided to do was have a Frozen Easter! Rather than fight the heat we decided to embrace it. Making ice cube Easter eggs and planning a swim party.

Frozen Easter Egg, Ice, Frozen Egg

I made these Frozen Easter Eggs ahead of time. With balloons and some dollar store treasures it was really easy.

Ice Cube Easter Eggs, Frozen Eggs, Easter

Probably the most challenging part was getting some of the larger toys in the balloon. I had my daughter help me with a few. I pulled the balloon open, she dropped the toy in and then we filled them with water. After filling them up and tying them off I tried to stand each water balloon up in the bowl. I gently placed each balloon in the bowl upright until I had a stack and then placed the whole thing in the freezer. I left them to freeze overnight.

Egg, Frozen, Easter, Ice, Frozen Egg

After cutting the balloon off each ice cube we had these perfect little eggs! It was so fun finding them and collecting them in the buckets. Then we could leave the treats inside to avoid a melting fate! Some of the kids patiently waited for the cubes to melt. Others tried to crack them open on the rocks. They all had fun with these Frozen Eggs!

Easter, Ice, Egg, Frozen Egg

We had all boys at the party. But how fun would Princess eggs be to make?!? Especially a “Frozen” Frozen Egg theme! I am in love with these eggs. Since it is always pretty warm here over Easter I think these are going to be our Eggs from now on.
Easter Party

What Easter traditions do you have that are created out of the climate where you live?